After reading two supplementary, interesting, but densely elegant, essays on the difference between mora or on and syllables, I decided to eschew counting, take Frank J. Tassone‘s advice and just write. After all, dropping into the d’Verse Poets Pub is supposed to be fun, though I loved the info and all those different categories to which I will give serious attention to in future.

Meanwhile, the rapid response of our beautiful planet is my take-away from corvid . (Though we aren’t out of the woods yet – read this caveat as a knock-on-wood). I’m a bit hopeful for the first time in ages…

More sick, fewer sirens
sing-along dogs fall silent
lawns lack children laughing
clear air, open windows
so many songbirds singing

Pink flamingos
flood Mumbai waters
line dancing webbed feet
walking on water
God’s gift to lady birds
Waters clear haze disappears
mind returns to reason
calculates self-interest anew- 
when a world reclaims itself
so quickly, how tarry?
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8 Responses to Haiku-ish

  1. jazzytower says:

    The improvements when we are taken out of the picture speak volumes. But will anyone learn from that? We’ll see.


  2. msjadeli says:

    Let nature lead the way for a change. Let it be a lesson to us that we remember. Wonderful photo that lifts my spirits. Nice poetry too 🙂

  3. memadtwo says:

    The world’s other species are filling in nicely for us. Hopefully our return will still leave plenty of room.

  4. Minds will return to business, I fear. Love the line dancing flamingos!

  5. Helen Dehner says:

    Mind returns to reason … we can only hope. Happy weekend!

  6. Beverly Crawford says:

    So affirming to read your hopeful words!

  7. Don’t forget to add the link for your post to Mister Linky! 😉

  8. A thoughtful meditation on our species’ devastating impact on our environment, and on the environment’s recovery during our lockdown. Thanks for sharing!

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