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What Matters to Mothers

Martin Jeffries, 13 Wild thing, raised to die runnin’ errands, runnin’numbers corner to corner, street to street run fast, fast, couldn’t outrun Mistah Death.   Samuel DuBois Washington, 15 I knew the odds were bad─ worked overtime for years, sent … Continue reading

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We See Dead People

  Laura Bloomsbury posted in  Poetics at the d’Verse Poets Pub asking us to describe a unidentified body found dead in a graveyard. We are challenged to : bring the deceased to life by letting them speak (first person) or … Continue reading

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Going Prosey

It’s Prosery Monday at the d’Verse Poets Pub and Merril chose a line from Gwendolyn Brooks poem An Aspect of Love, Alive in the Ice and Fire: We goin different directionsdown the imperturbable street. The challenge is to write a … Continue reading

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Rain Dance

‘Rain’ is the prompt today posted at the d’Verse Poets Pub by Sarah Connor  in Poetics Desert Song  The heat was hot and the ground was dry But the air was full of sound ~Dewey Bunnell, “A Horse with No … Continue reading

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Slipped, the Dogs of War Go Howling

We slip from ignorance into denial, slipping rosy-colored glass before our eyes to stare into the sun in ardent search for light.  Tears slip down our cheeks, we walk on blindly, ignoring each red flag, surprised when hell breaks loose … Continue reading

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