About Me

Basically, I love making connections.  Why people behave as they do is more interesting to me than what they do.  I am fascinated by ideas and concepts and  eclectic in my tastes and talents.

I’m interested in almost everything but I prefer my information in story form.  I write novels, poetry, essays, travel pieces, and plays.  I love the spoken word and like to perform  my work.

I am also a priestess, ordained in two traditions.  I believe in the power of ritual to enrich significant occasions in our lives.  Ritual  can bring us fully into the present and  make us pay attention to what’s happening now.  Creating ritual is a passion and a pleasure for me.

In this blog, I’ll be tossing out bits and pieces from my rag-bag of ephemera – sometimes I’ll make the connection and sometimes I’ll leave it to you to puzzle out.  But, you can bet your life that somewhere, somehow there’s a link to discover, or you wouldn’t be reading this now…

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