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Attendant to Enquiry

Laura Bloomsbury has directed us to muse on the power of rhetorical questions.  She’s cleverly set the entire d’Verse Poets Pub to answering, rather than posing, such questions in order to see for ourselves where such enquiries might lead. Asking, … Continue reading

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dVerse prompt – Metaphor-

A metaphor equates two things not because they are the same but because there is a symbolic resemblance or comparison. A metaphor can not be taken literally. In many cases I think that the more surprising they are the better … Continue reading

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Day 22- Earth Day

Pangolin  We creep avoiding fallen branches searching each dark curve for give-away bright tapestry animals’ nighttime eyes.   Light sparkles in the underbrush. Slowly, engine off, we glide to stop slide from our respective seats. Impossible creature notes frozen human … Continue reading

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The story of the journey of death and rebirth is an ancient mythic motif, repeated, time and again, throughout human history.  This Easter, we celebrate the descent into and return from the underworld by our culture’s most recent mythic hero Jesus … Continue reading

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