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Was Kavanaugh Drunk?

Watching the hearings with Brett Kavanagh yesterday it occurred to me the man might be inebriated.   He certainly consumed a lot of water, was belligerent and maudlin, and his face showed unusually red – especially the constantly twitching nose. I’m surprised … Continue reading

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NaPoWriMo #26 Getting in Character

Pandora’s Box  is a story that has always fascinated and disturbed me, as do all creation myths that blame the ills of humankind on women. Ironically, it is most often women who fall victim to and suffer from those same … Continue reading

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Precious Solitude

Solitude is one of the gifts women deny themselves – sometimes for an entire lifetime. Yet it is one of our most precious and necessary birthrights. One, like so many others, that has been stolen by the predominant culture in … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Mary

I’ve just returned from a deeply restorative retreat with a group of women I hold in high esteem.  My regard for them stems from their willingness to meet each other with the same enormous respect and good will they extend … Continue reading

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V Day 2014

V Day is fast approaching.  It is a day dedicated to empowering women to rise up against the violence perpetuated on them simply because of their gender.  V Day was inspired by Eve Enslers’ performance piece the Vagina Monologues.  Empowered … Continue reading

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Misogyny- A Postscript

Have you ever thought about how few words we have in English specific to women’s lives? I hadn’t either until I discovered Suzette Haden Elgin’s  book Native Tongue.  At the time, I was reading a lot of speculative (SF) fiction … Continue reading

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Misogyny – Redefine?

I’m writing this because I can’t sleep. Earlier this evening, a friend of mine posted a video from Australia on her website, reporting that the Australian Prime Minister’s speech calling Tony Abbot a misogynist has ‘forced” Macquarie, Australia’s premier dictionary, … Continue reading

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