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Slipped, the Dogs of War Go Howling

We slip from ignorance into denial, slipping rosy-colored glass before our eyes to stare into the sun in ardent search for light.  Tears slip down our cheeks, we walk on blindly, ignoring each red flag, surprised when hell breaks loose … Continue reading

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The quadrille is a tiny poem of exactly forty-four words not counting the title.  Today’s challenge from the d’Verse Poets Pub is hosted by De Jackson aka. whimsygizmo who wants us to incorporate the word  ‘fix’ as in “Oh we’re … Continue reading

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Quadrille #102 – Don’t Forget To… by Mish Okay, time to flush out forty-four words exactly, not counting the title for today’s challenge at the d’verse Poets Pub.  My poem a couple of days ago, detailing a small pleasure, conformed so … Continue reading

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What’s Neither Closed Nor Cancelled?

Poetry of course! And it’s quadrille night at the d’Verse Poets Pub with whimseygizmo behind the bar challenging us to use the word “close” in a poem of exactly 44 words (not counting the title.)  So happy to oblige…. When Distance … Continue reading

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Peelings, Quadrille # 98

The prompt for this week’s quadrille suggested by Mish is “peeling,” a wonderful word with so many ways to go.  Apple pies came first to mind, but much as I love to make, bake, eat ’em,  apple pies are an … Continue reading

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Two 4 One

I’m falling behind my visit to the d’Verse Poets Pub this week.   Binging on Apple TV’s Dickinson (see previous post) may have something to do with it.  Today’s poem combines Kim’s Quadrille #96 suggestion “wild”  with Lillian‘s “dream” prompt.  Alliteration … Continue reading

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Quadrille #94: Roaring in the New

Favored bartender at the d’Verse Poets Pub,  De Jackson, offers us the prompt “roar” for our first quadrille of the new decade.  A quadrille is a forty-four word  poem including the proffered word and excluding the title’s word count. Sounding … Continue reading

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Quadrille for d’Verse

The prompt is “quiver,” suggested bt whimsygizmo at the d’Verse Poets Pub. Suckered The quaking quagmire lies quietly on hot afternoons.  Barely a quiver marks the hungry quicksand lurking beneath a thin layer of blue green algae and flowering pygmy … Continue reading

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Quadrille # 89 for d’Verse Poets Pub

I really love the quadrille  – for me it’s a challenge to tell a tiny short story.  Most of my poetry probably classifies as flash fiction  I almost always tell a story.  You probably know the six word short story … Continue reading

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A Word To Live By

I received a prompt today from De Jackson at the dVerse Poets Pub.  He suggested “change” as the topic for a forty-four word quadrille.  Ha!  Who couldn’t write a book on this topic?  You might as well tell us to … Continue reading

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