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Prompt Return

NaPoWriMo promises to return next April for this month dedicated to poets and their poetry and leaves us with the word return as our final prompt.  Taking a chant I first heard sung by Libana and repeated afterwards in countless women’s … Continue reading

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NaPoWriMo Day 26

I really enjoyed this prompt.  I love list poems and the Almanac Questionnaire from Maureen Thorson provided a wonderful cornucopia. I didn’t use every word but managed a respectable number and played off some that didn’t make a literal appearance.  … Continue reading

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Small Pleasures

Today we write an ode to life’s small pleasures, continuing into our eighteenth day of a writing poem a day with NaPoWriMo encouragement.  I’d like to say that it’s no small pleasure to discover the chapbooks to which we’ve been … Continue reading

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April 8 NapoWriMo on Twitter

Today Maureen shared several twitter accounts on the NaPoWriMo site.  These offer bits and pieces of poetry by sundry famous and less-well known artists.  She suggested choosing a line from one of these tweets and using it as one’s own … Continue reading

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Rhyme Time

Maureen introduced us to RhymeZone today, a favorite place of mine, much easier to use than an old school rhyming dictionary and offering many more services like thesaurus, dictionary, near rhymes, related phrases and synonyms. It quick, pretty comprehensive and … Continue reading

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After Schuyler

Today’s prompt was to take inspiration from the poems of James Shuyler.  What interested me in his biography was that he seems to have come to poetry at mid-life – that period of upheaval given a rather contemptuous rap by … Continue reading

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April Brings NaPoWriMo

This is the month a spread my wings and fly away to poetry contests, to Lucidity in Arkansas and Poetry at Round Top in Texas.  They couldn’t be more different or more cancelled.  Luckily I have NaPoWriMo to fall back … Continue reading

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Unexpectedly Caught Up in Story

Okay, Maureen warned us that in undertaking this exercise we might be tumbled down unexpected pathways.  The exercise was to find a poem in a language we didn’t know, pair it with a photograph and write our own poem inspired … Continue reading

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Band List

I took yesterday’s poem into my critique group. As usual their suggestions lightened and tightened and gave me a stand alone poem with which I was really happy with.    is such an important part of our craft.  I especially like this … Continue reading

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