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Precious Solitude

Solitude is one of the gifts women deny themselves – sometimes for an entire lifetime. Yet it is one of our most precious and necessary birthrights. One, like so many others, that has been stolen by the predominant culture in … Continue reading

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The Boast

Lovers of leaving, caravaneers, nomads, Come. Hear my boast.  For on a night like this when ghosts prowl the boundaries of the light only a boast will firm your jelly knees and warm the back you have turned to the … Continue reading

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The Art of Letting Go: Creating an Outdoor Altar

THE SEAL Newly dead, nearly perfect round goggle eyes still brown, still clear I find no mark on him. Only the gray tongue, flaccid between dainty lethal teeth and creamy whiskers stiff as quill, speaks to me of  death’s decay. … Continue reading

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Other Magdalenes

Have you seen all the Magdalene stories on the market?  Disciple, preacher, witness, sinner, companion, mourner, sensualist – her image contains at least a dozen roles from which she can speak to the heart.   My favorite is survivor. Rarely has … Continue reading

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