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Quadrille # 89 for d’Verse Poets Pub

I really love the quadrille  – for me it’s a challenge to tell a tiny short story.  Most of my poetry probably classifies as flash fiction  I almost always tell a story.  You probably know the six word short story … Continue reading

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Women’s Ritual Dances and the Nine Touchstones of Goddess Spirituality-Part Two by Laura Shannon

In the first part of this article, I looked at how Carol P Christ’s Nine Touchstones of Goddess Spirituality are related to traditional women’s ritual dances of the Balkans. After more than thirty years of researching and teaching these dances…

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“It’s not easy to define poetry.” ~Bob Dylan

I am a lone wolf type of person, preferring to ascertain truth (always lower case) by means of intuition rather than sensation.  I make decisions based on logic rather than emotion and my conclusions are subject to change based on … Continue reading

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On the Telling of Tales

This morning, I’m contemplating story – how it enchants and enchains; how it sets us free.  Writing is my craft and stories are my passion.  How they work in the world, what purpose they serve, the way they move us … Continue reading

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The Heat

Feeling down? Depressed? Done in by the patriarchy, yet again? Go see The Heat with Mellissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock.  You’ll laugh your head off and come out feeling happier, energized and empowered.  Laughter is the best medicine – so … Continue reading

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If you’ve ever visited my website, you know I have an affinity for mud – primal ooze, earth mixed with water, prima materia, the basic stuff from which we spring.  So I could hardly pass up a movie called Mud! … Continue reading

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To Witness: An Act of Love

      I saw Amour last weekend. Those of you close to me know how closely it paralleled the story of my own parents. My mother too suffered a debilitating stroke and was cared for faithfully by my dad until she died. … Continue reading

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New Year’s Toast to Reality

This morning my husband sent me a book review by Edward Marriot of Alan Bennett’s novel The Uncommon Reader in which Her Royal Majesty, the queen of England, accidentally stumbles upon the pleasures of reading. It becomes an obsession with … Continue reading

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Fair Witness

My husband gave me a precious complement the other day after listening to me read a new poem.  The poem was extrapolated from two incidents related by a friend.  I was pondering the ethics of using some one else’s life stories … Continue reading

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