Walking Yourself Home: The Spirit of Pilgrimage

Christine Irving
Sunday Service Message, May 5th, 2013, 11 AM

Unity Spiritual Center of Denton

6071 New Hope Rd
Krugerville, TX 76227

Ellen Davis, Minister


Christine will speak about the history and meaning of pilgrimage.  Her talk will be followed in the afternoon by an experiential workshop.  We will walk the labyrinth in the guise of medieval pilgrims journeying to a sacred site.  Along the way will be stops at various saints shrines, inns and springs.   Pilgrims are encouraged to wear broad-brimmed hats and carry a stave.  Please bring a small offering to leave on the  altar i.e pretty stone, flower, photo, meaningful trinket etc. (these will not be returned),  a garden-variety rock and your journal.  There will be time to stop, pray, contemplate, notate and take your leisure.

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