“The path goes ever on and on…”

I’ve recently become a SoulCollage® facilitator, which means I can teach Seena Frost’s  Seena Frostprocess for creating a personal deck of cards – each representing a different part of one’s personality. Each card focuses on an aspect of one’s life – it could be a friend, family member or pet. It could also depict a dream, an event or a place. A card might represent quality one wishes to possess or a skill already mastered.   Another could stand for any archetype, principle or idea that influences one’s actions. The cards fit loosely into four suits. One by one the deck grows.

I’ve been creating SoulCollage® cards for many years. Sometimes they come at regular intervals, sometimes in spurts, sometimes I don’t make one for months. There are about eighty-five cards in my deck – they form a kind of art journal of my life or perhaps a self-portrait. I said the cards fir loosely into my life – that’s because they tend to float from category to category or overlap.

The four suits are called Committee, Companions, Council, and Community.   Here’s a card I made several years ago, it fits all the categories:

malta dreamerOn one level it represents an amazing trip to Malta I made with my friend Susan Ford. So it could fit into the Community card because it relates to Susan and our shared interests; or it could be a Council card because it represents The Goddess, Hecate, and the Moon; or it could fit into Companions because of the dog; or in Committee because it stands for me as a dreamer and one who is interested in dream interpretation. There are also the sea, the steps and the poppies to consider!

Working with a card would mean exploring all those aspects and images in-depth – probably in different sittings. The work is always based on what I am seeing and feeling in the present moment. There are multitudes of ways to work with the deck – just as with a tarot deck. The thing I do most often is to follow Seena’s method of picking one card and dialoging aloud with an image. I speak for myself and, for example – using this card, from the point of view of the dog. Since I tend to over-think things at time and get bogged down in an over-abundance of meaning – a dog’s eye view of the practical present serves me very well, allowing the prosaic part of myself a voice that can actually be heard over the clamor of the philosophers!

This particular card is also part of a series I created while taking a nine-month class in Spiritual Midwifery. Each month had a different theme. This is the card I made for the month spent on the moon. I also made a series on the various stages in the alchemical process, the eight holy days in the Wheel of the Year, and the seven sacred directions. Each series acts as a mnemonic device to help me remember not only the various stages of these different teachings, but also the feel and meaning of each stage.

I love collage for the freedom it offers to juxtapose all kinds of symbols and images. I like being able to mix and match myths and metaphor with depictions of ordinary objects because it reflects my belief that we live at the intersection of spirit and matter – in that instant where the particle becomes wave and the wave particle. I’ve been practicing and instructing the art of collage for many years now and it’s a great pleasure to be able to add the teaching of SoulCollage® out of the personal into the public realm and share a system that has served me so well for so long. A special thanks to my teachers Anne Marie Bennett and Jeanne Marie Merkel for an extraordinarily useful and enriching class.

“When the Soul wants to experience something, she throws and image before her and steps into her own experience.”
                                            Meister Eckhard



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