NaPoWriMo # 14 Dialog

cow and moons

“… and the cow jumped over the moon.”

Hello Moon.

Jumping Jehoshaphat!

You scared me half to death. Who

the hell are you? Don’t you know

not to sneak up on napping deities?

I thought you were a man!

                   I who rule the tides?  Who

                  imprints her own timetable

                  in the willing flesh

                  of concupiscent daughters?

What daughters, where?

                  Earth women! Life givers!

Am I not a cow? Do I not give life?

Furthermore, I share my milk

with everyone. Even cats.


Listen, you overblown humbug

You’re not only one they worship!

                 Sacred cows make the best hamburger.

Endlessly you spin, tethered

on Earth’s apron strings;

I freely wander time and space,

incarnate roam all India…


Gobbling up the produce

of hard-working people

who plant their crops

according to my light.

Pale reflected light! My avatar

produced the Milky Way, each drop

of milk, a shining sun at play.

Be gone! Blasted bovine

with all your ilk-

purple, black, maroon,

red, white or dappled dun

 “I never hope to see one!”

Not even if you beg, turn blue!

Farewell,  fractious Moooooon…     

©2015 Christine Irving

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