Peeved By the Prompt

Okay, we’re all a little tired as we come down the home stretch.  Also nerves are frayed from seclusion, the lack of fusion food, and low bars – not to mention movies, baseball games, TGIF and play schools, but hey! Poems about pets!

So here’s my response NaPoWriMo,full of cliche’s and easy rhymes, about as unforthcoming as:

My Pet Rock


My pet rock is good as gold

he does not bark nor whimper,

other masters whinge and moan

 I sit back and simper.


He’s patient as the day is long

wouldn’t deign to mess,

holds his pee for hours,

never seems to stress.


Sometimes, it’s true, my little

rock seems to lack affection

but what’s a loving lick or two

compared to his perfection?

pet rock box

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2 Responses to Peeved By the Prompt

  1. msjadeli says:

    LOL I’m glad I saw this before shutting the computer down for the night. Can’t argue with your logic. And your pet will never run away.

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