Why I Keep This Stuff

Yesterday at the dVerse Poets Pub, Lillian asked us to write about some object we have hanging in our homes.  I have so many things hanging from all sorts of places.  My walls are full, as is chris's wallevery vertical surface.  But, it was something sitting, not hanging, that insisted on First Voice.  She’s a little darling about 6 inches tall,  who sits on my computer desk next to the printer and blesses my writing.  I actually found her years ago,  on a writing retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico with Donna Hanelin.

Contemplating all this stuff I have to wonder why I keep it.  Basically it makes me feel good.  My stuff is full of meaning and magic, each piece a doorway to another place and time, most of it is lovely to me in some way so that I always find something pleasing upon which to rest eyes, heart or soul.  Everything hanging  in my house shimmers with symbolic significance forming connections to other realms.  Much of it makes me smile.  Did I mention that Rabbit is my totem animal?  But enough – the picture – the poem – Ta da!


chris's rabbit

Rabbit Mother

She came with me from Oaxaca of her own accord,–

this biscuit colored goddess

smoothed by deft brown fingers from cool river mud.

A traveler like me, calla lily skirt hiked high,

sleeves rolled up above the elbow,

a calf tucked tight beneath each arm,

two more hugging hidden legs.


I knew she had anticipated me – stringing

cobwebs between her lofty ears, cloaking

herself in dust till I could find her in that crowded shop,

hiding behind the potter’s newest figurines,

and carry her, wrapped in the Spanish-flavored ink

of old newspapers, out of the shadow of Monte Albán,

away from ruined pyramids, enfeebled gods,

hanging high above the tree-lined streets

of Santa Maria Atzompa.


Ready to go, whiskers combed neatly

back against her cheeks, breast

pointing firmly forward, eyes

wide-set and open; she looks as modern

as the morning, but she is older

than those ancient ones whispering above –

a creature of the jungle people,

predating priesthood, flaunting the powers

of vine, blossom, pistil and stamen,

surrounding herself in heady perfumes

protected from intoxication by deep grounding.


Tidy nostrils disclose her animal nature:

a small sturdy muzzle split slightly open

neither smiling nor frowning.

She is the Creatrix: rabbit mother,

midwife to poems and pictures,

waving me into the forest,

awaiting my return.

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6 Responses to Why I Keep This Stuff

  1. I really love this… not least the midwife to poems and pictures…

  2. Frank Hubeny says:

    Nice line: “smoothed by deft brown fingers from cool river mud.” Although I knew this, I didn’t quite realize it until reading your line.

  3. lillian says:

    This is just a wonderful post to the prompt! I took the liberty, after being notified by Rob, to go in and delete your Mr Linky link that didn’t connect here….deleted his which was a generic link to your blog (therefore would come to whatever is posted for the day) and put in a new link that comes directly to this post. And so glad I did so others can find it as well.
    This is just a wonderful description! I love most how this mother rabbit was found….with cobwebs and partially hidden away. You found her….and she must have been speaking to you even before your eye found her. I love that she is made of clay….cool river mud….an earthen figure. And I love that you call her the Creatrix….mother rabbit. I can’t help but think of Beatrix Potter books! 🙂
    Holding the little animals….she is a cuddler, a nurturer….and no wonder she sits where she does in your home!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks Rob fixed it but don’t know how to delete failed link. Any idea?

  5. Rob Kistner says:

    Gorgeous write Christine, csptivating… just wonderful! I loved your rabbit mother – enchanting!
    By the way, I couldn’t connect to you from Mr Linky on dVerse. I found my way here through your kind comment on my site.

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