NaPoWriMo #26 Getting in Character

Pandoras_box_by_DigiBentoBoxPandora’s Box  is a story that has always fascinated and disturbed me, as do all creation myths that blame the ills of humankind on women. Ironically, it is most often women who fall victim to and suffer from those same fatal flaws.  To add insult to injury,  the very same stories that blame women for evicting folks from Golden Age and Eden never give us poor feminine perps enough brains or chutzpah to be responsible for our crimes.  Oh no, we are dupes, dull-witted cats paws of devil, serpent, or megalomaniacal supergod.  I have written a couple of versions of the Pandora story, there’s always another perspective to discover.  Here’s the latest:


 No one asked if I wanted

to be universally adored

ogled, growled, whistled and hissed

at every time I left the house! Imagine

what that does to a girl,

how paranoid and creepy I began

to find all men, so when

you married me off to Epimethius –

old ,wrinkled, warty, half-blind,

I wept with relief.  My comeliness

didn’t cut mustard in his workshop

where his fingers had eyes of their own.

(I grew to love those wise fingers.)

Am I sorry I opened the box?

No.  Suffering made mankind

comprehend compassion; forced

them to know themselves.

There’s hope for them yet.

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